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‘The experience, the learnings, the discoveries, the emotions are all fantastic. No words could actually describe how I feel during and after the Business Communication Skills course.’

Melanie C. Perez

‘I believe every individual in the world should go through this course for them to know & discover their purpose in life and how to make things better and how to look at things differently’.

Marcus Mithran

‘A very positive experience! I learnt a lot from it and will highly recommend it to others.’

Dino Cornelio

‘You have been my idol. You touched my heart and made a big difference in how I will live my life. Words do not come to me to explain how it already has and will change my life. Fantastico!’

Nazeen Syed

‘Among the many encounters I had, LifeSpheres and Eleni have been the No 1 life-changing experience.’

Sabrina Saarmila

‘NLP Coaching by Eleni is just magical! She brings out the best in us. She makes the theory so practical, real, genuine, fun & exciting. She’s also warm and has a great sense of humour. Love the energy in the class mad how it will propel us to greater heights. Thank you, Eleni. Keep rocking!

Ashley Yap


Jonathan David

‘Eleni is amazing, and I don’t know how to thank her. I wish we will keep in touch and I believe she will be changing more people’s lives.’

Avinesh Varma

‘This course is a miracle. It teaches me to go back to the simplest things. Everything is equally important and deserves attention. It strengthens the bonding and most importantly promotes self-growth.’

Monita Nadaraja

‘Business Communication Skills allowed me to have a better understanding of myself and accepting changes. It improved my communication skills, and I found myself! Thank you very much!’

Alice Lim

‘I have been practicing for a week, and I have already seen results. I will continue to use the tools and methods!’

Iqseed Mohd Zuki

‘Eleni is a key to the lock of the unconscious, an enabler and a facilitator to equip me to be my own master, guide, captain, and crew of my life. Thank you Eleni mou! You are such a great motivator!

Michelle Soong

‘Eleni has a wonderful way of embedding the knowledge through engaging exercises and interesting examples/stories. I highly recommend the Business Communication Skills course.’

Allison Wong

‘A big THANK YOU! I have never felt so positive and energized to improve myself and my surroundings. Thank for the tools and the knowledge as well as the wisdom that enable me to discover other perspectives of the world. I am grateful, and you hopefully continue to change and help others in their journey.’

Anis Mustaffa

‘It fixed me. Thank you.’

Rastle Lozano

‘The Business Communication Skills Training helped me to boost my
self-confidence and understand people better.’

Avito D. Ruina Jr.

‘The Training was an all-in-one package. It takes a holistic approach to
improve communication through mind/body/emotions.’

Ruth Cervania

‘It is a great program for both self-discovery or re-discovery and getting to know your team.
It breaks down walls and hesitations to understand each one’s story better.’

Nice Paulate

‘I am glad I did the Business Skills Communication Training. It taught me to
be aware of myself (thoughts & actions) and of others.’

Joanna Pasagni

‘NLP is a must for everyone!’

Leah Malaluan

‘At first, I was skeptical but hey, nothing to lose if you open your mind and heart.’

Jorel O. Apolinario

‘This course has taught me that I am fully responsible for my life and my goals.
When I believe, things happen.’

Meena Karunanathy

‘Life changing! Business Communication Skills by Life Spheres is worth your time, money and overall investment! I highly recommend you to participate in this course as it will change how you perceive life and work in a positive way! I for sure will adapt the lessons learned into my daily routines & I am sure I will grow stronger & better after this!

Nadhila Fazil

‘4 days spent well!’

Sam Dela Cruz

‘This program has allowed me to realize the value of language holistically –
from the words, we speak to the way we behave while communicating. This program is a true gift!’

Sari Daradar

‘NLP has always intrigued me from the start. Eleni managed to make a very mysterious
sounding subject into something which is understandable and relevant to me and my life.’

Meera Shanmughanathan

‘Taught me to think before I communicate & (the course was) certainly thought provoking.’

Camilla Anastasia Slim

‘Very enlightening, useful on a personal and work perspective.’

P. Buvaneswary

Life changing, it opens up a new ‘door’ in my life!’

Tamil Selvi Krishnaraj

‘An eye-opener for you to believe in yourself and what you are capable of
achieving with the right beliefs and the action to achieve your goals.’

Azura Hanadzlah

‘I feel refreshed and alive and look forward to using my unconscious
to improve my relationships and attain my goals.’

Choy Sook Yee

‘The course has taught me to be more in touch with both my conscious and unconscious;
to be more positive, more empowered and spirited to do better, to be better in
all aspects of my life – from my personal life to my work life.’

Sharifah Thuraya

‘It is an excellent course to create self-awareness –
understand yourself first before you can understand others.’

Nisha Harichandran

‘NLP conducted by Eleni has been rewarding for me as it enriched my knowledge
and skills in my work, more so in my personal life. There is an apparent change
in me as complimented by my spouse.’

Noor Shahidah

Eleni Sarantinou

My name is Eleni and you’re here, at the heart of my story and my life’s work.
I was born in Greece, the home of olives and grapes. I studied Economics and had a successful career in IT before stumbling across Life Coaching and NLP. Today, I’m an NLP trainer, a Life Coach, a wife, a mother and a world traveller. Nothing gives me more joy than sharing what I’ve learnt, and am still learning, with you.

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