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Eleni Saratinou

Master NLP Coach – Life Coach (Noble Manhattan UK)
Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholders Centered Certified Coach
Corporate Consultant – Public Speaker – Author
Certified TRAINER of NLP

The multi-dimensional and inclusive aspects have been a driving force in my life – travelling the world and living in different places; reaching out to every corner around the globe is one of the fastest way to expand within. Mindsets need to be fed new ideas and new ways and I would not have it any other way in personal or professional level. A wholesome approach in every domain is what I am after and I will move from country to country and practice to practice to get results and keep moving and learning. Coaching, NLP, Leadership, The brain, Emotional Intelligence, Financial Freedom, Parenting Skills, Entrepreneurship, Empowerment and making a difference in people’s lives, they all have my attention!

“Do not let your progress
be the hindrance
of your progress”

– Eleni Sarantinou

Business Spheres is the sister company of Life Spheres. Life Spheres uses Life Coaching techniques and NLP.
My dynamic, empowering and motivational series of conversations will help you achieve what you want in your personal life.