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Corporate Programs for Customized NLP In-house Training

If only companies were like babies!  Babies learn to communicate and speak instinctively by listening and repeating.  Their minds and brains are uncluttered.  As we get older we develop bad habits.  Individuals and companies can return to those clear and instinctive patterns of language and communication through NLP.  It’s the manual of the mind and brain, and once you have the NLP know-how you can improve your communication skills, deal with others more effectively, and establish new good habits.

Life Spheres offers a seductive mix of Corporate NLP Courses which have Life Coaching Tools included as added extras.  Wouldn’t you like this new ‘business’ journey to result in every manager and employee having not only a powerful set of NLP tools and techniques to work with, but also Life Coaching skills?  Don’t we all benefit if we can give a receive life coaching when needed?  A management team and a workforce with these skills is a force to be reckoned with.

The corporate Life Spheres Courses have great courage and style.  From exploring the dynamics of a group to also working at individual level – the course is about communicating effectively with each other, the outside world and YOURSELF.   The course agendas have a flexibility which allow for the needs – and growth – of both groups and individuals.

One of the key principles of our courses is the belief that in our ‘business lives’ we unconsciously mirror behaviors and beliefs we carry with us in our personal life.  At the same time our professional life plays a big role in determining who we are.  Effective executives, managers, employees – the company talent – have a great value beyond good performance. All proposed courses can help them use skills – at work and at home – to inspire others and contribute to success in many different roles.  It’s about opening your mind and stretching your inner resources – if only you know how.


Experiential is the style buzz word on this course.  Through group discussions and questions, questions, questions – there will be participation, greater awareness and breakthroughs that can all lead to business savvy behavior.  Confidentiality and fun are of the highest importance.
Life Spheres mainly operates in the corporate world in Malaysia, Greece and Holland and also other countries globally. The international aspect is important to keep exploring many different models of the world in business and management styles.

There are pre-course study materials, questionnaires & feedback forms on various subjects, assignments and homework which make the value and learning even more profound as tons of work is being down, before, during…and after.

Life Spheres Courses/Programs are meant to have a Maximum group number of no more than 12. This allows for better learning outcomes, deeper personal involvement and deeper group connection.

There are always FREE Coaching sessions/discussion with EACH participant prior to the 1st day of the Course, as well as following the end of the course. This is between 15 and 30 minutes duration. The purpose is to frame clear goals/objectives for each participant and to create a private ‘place’ to share concerns away from the group.  In this way all participants have the opportunity to give their 100% consent in joining the course and to express their willingness to take part in all exercises, assignments & group discussions – participants personal information will be treated as confidential and will not be shared.

There is always time allocated for FREE Course Evaluation session/Discussion with the manager/executive ordering the course. We allow up to one hour for this.

There is certification of attendance from Life Spheres. In the 7 day Business NLP Practitioner course, there is certification from Life Spheres as well as the accredited ANLP certification, the globally recognized diploma by the Association of NLP, the international independent NLP Organization ( as well as the American Board of NLP (

All Courses in Malaysia are HRDF (Human Resources Development Fund) Claimable. 

Regarding the course duration, any amount of days can be arranged in the same period or in different periods in time to accommodate the organization’s schedule.